A Fado Night in Porto

Experience a complete immersion into the heart of Portuguese culture through a Fado night in Porto, including dinner.

Fado is much more than a musical genre; it is the soul of Portugal expressed through songs. Its melodies carry within them the history of the country, from the joy of discovery to nostalgia, a unique feeling of melancholy and absence. Porto’s Fado has its own characteristics, but it shares the emotion and narrative that permeate all variations of this musical style.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to experience the essence of Fado in an authentic Fado house, where you will savor a delicious dinner and enjoy live performances by talented artists.

This experience includes:

  • Professional guide to accompany you throughout the night.
  • Convenient hotel pickup and return service.
  • A typical Portuguese dinner to complement the experience.

For more information, see the following link:

Small Group Oporto Fado Show with Dinner | 4h

However, if you prefer to just attend a short Fado show, we have 3 suggestions for you:

Fado in Porto | 1h15

At Caves Cálem, the tradition of Port Wine meets a unique encounter: a visit to the cellars followed by a Fado show with wine tasting. After the cellar tour, enjoy a live performance where singers accompanied by the Portuguese guitar and fado viola will give voice to the soul of Portugal. To complete this memorable night, taste different types of Port Wine during the Fado show. The doors are open for you every day, from April to October, at 6:30 pm, and from November to March, at 6:00 pm.

Fado by Casa da Guitarra | 1h

Located very close to Luís I Bridge, Casa da Guitarra offers the perfect experience to connect with Portuguese culture. Here, Fado combines with other elements of Portuguese history: the traditional Portuguese guitar and Port wine. The concert begins with the voice of our main fadista, followed by the sounds of the Portuguese guitar and fado viola. During the break, a Reserve Port from a Douro family-owned company will be served. In the second part, the male fadista joins the main singer in some interpretations.

All of our Fado – live Fado show with Port | 1h

During this show, you can enjoy:

  • Traditional Fado: The essence of Portuguese Fado.
  • Fado de Coimbra: The moving voice of student Fado, interpreted by a current or former university student, as tradition dictates.
  • The Legacy of Amália Rodrigues: Tribute to the “Queen of Fado”.
  • Contemporary Fado: Fado in constant evolution.

Through short and sincere video testimonies (available in PT, EN, FR, ES) from the fadistas and guitar teachers, they will explain something difficult to describe in words but easy to feel: the deep connection and intimacy that Fado has for the Portuguese people.

Born in the taverns of the 19th century, this genre has become an indispensable symbol of Portuguese culture. Fado is more than music; it is a feeling.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Portuguese culture in just one night!

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