Boat Tour of Porto’s 6 Bridges with Port Wine Tasting

Learn, savor, and discover everything about Port Wine during a boat tour on the Douro River

We invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the Douro River, where you can appreciate the beauty of Porto. This boat tour offers an experience that combines landscapes, culture, and the most authentic flavors of the region.

The experience includes a tasting of 4 carefully selected Port Wines, accompanied by a delicious selection of chocolates. This perfect combination provides an explosion of flavors and aromas, elevating your tour to a higher level.

Discover the 6 emblematic bridges

Throughout the journey, you will have the opportunity to admire the six bridges that mark Porto’s history and connect the cities of Porto and Gaia. Each bridge has its own style and history, providing a journey through the evolution of architecture over the centuries.

  • Arrábida Bridge: the oldest bridge in Porto, built in 1963, with an elegant and imposing design.
  • Luís I Bridge: one of the main symbols of the city, a wrought iron structure that stands out in the urban landscape.
  • Infante Bridge: a modern bridge with avant-garde design and harmonious lines.
  • D. Maria Pia Bridge: a railway bridge with a majestic structure and significant historical value.
  • Freixo Bridge: Porto’s newest bridge, with an innovative design and stunning nighttime illumination.
  • D. João I Bridge: a medieval bridge that connects Porto to Gaia, with historical charm.

The boat tour is available at two different times, each with its special atmosphere:

  • Afternoon Tour: enjoy the natural sunlight and gentle afternoon breeze, appreciating the beauty of the Douro in a relaxing and inviting environment.
  • Sunset Tour: experience the magical atmosphere of dusk, with the vibrant colors of the sky reflecting on the river waters, creating a romantic and unforgettable setting.

Additional Information

  • Spotify on board: personalize your experience by choosing the music that suits you best to create your own soundtrack during the tour.
  • Certified crew: the professional and experienced team will always be available to ensure your safety and well-being throughout the tour.
  • Insurance and VAT included: all costs and insurance are included in the price.

Secure your spot on this unique experience and get ready to sail through the waters of the Douro River. Enjoying the beauty of Porto, the history of its bridges, and the incomparable taste of Port Wine.

For more information or reservations:

Porto Wine Tasting Boat Tour

Enjoy this unforgettable boat tour through the heart of Porto!

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