Discover Monchique with Medronho Tasting

Enjoy a four-hour tour through the Monchique Mountains, carefully crafted to provide an immersive experience in the nature and culture of the region.

Guided by an experienced professional, you will explore mountain landscapes, discover Monchique history, and taste traditional liqueurs, including the famous Medronho Liqueur. To deepen your knowledge about this beverage, we invite you to learn a bit more about the history of Medronho.

The traditional Medronho

With the arrival of autumn, the red clusters of Medronho announce their maturity, inviting their harvest. A tradition repeated in several Mediterranean countries where the strawberry tree grows naturally. In Portugal, Medronho brandy takes on a leading role, perpetuating a decades-old custom.

Both in the Algarve mountains of Caldeirão and Monchique, as well as in those in the center of the country, strawberry trees are present in the landscape. Among them, distilleries—some renovated, others preserving tradition—perpetuate the art of turning Medronho into brandy. Although less frequent, the rituals of harvesting and artisanal production, often carried out together by communities, still resist time. In Marmelete, Monchique, Casa do Medronho is dedicated to preserving this tradition.

Both in the south and in central Portugal, the Medronho Brotherhoods assume the mission of defending and valuing the culture of the strawberry tree, fruit production, and its derivatives. Various traditional culinary applications enrich local gastronomy, such as “melosa” (a drink with Medronho brandy and honey), dry cakes with brandy (borrachões), and medronho jam.

In several regions of the Mediterranean, such as Sardinia, bitter honey made from the nectar of the strawberry tree flower, “miele di corbezzolo,” is a typical product. In Balkan countries, such as Albania, “rakia,” a twice-distilled brandy, is traditionally produced from Medronho.

The history of Medronho is present in the culture and traditions of various peoples. A combination of colors, flavors, and aromas that repeats itself every autumn.

The itinerary of experiences

Starting from Lagos, the tour begins towards the Monchique Mountains. Along the way, enjoy breathtaking views. Observe the local fauna and flora, learning about the various native species with the help of your guide.

Visit an artisanal distillery and learn about the centuries-old tradition of Medronho production. Learn about the liqueur production process, from harvesting medronho fruits to its transformation into a beverage enjoyed by many. Culminate your experience with a tasting of traditional liqueurs, including Medronho liqueur.


Monchique Forest Walk w/ Medronho Tasting

Monchique Private Tour w/ Medronho Tasting

With a duration of 4 hours, this tour provides

  • Personalized experience with an exclusive guide;
  • Visit to a local distillery and Medronho tasting;
  • Appreciation of the flora and fauna of the Monchique Mountains;
  • Breathtaking panoramic views;
  • Comfortable round-trip transfer from Lagos.

This carefully crafted itinerary offers an immersive experience in the nature and culture of the region, combining the landscapes of the Monchique Mountains, local history, and the tasting of traditional Medronho liqueur.

Book your spot and get ready to discover the natural and cultural beauty of Monchique!

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