Dolphin Watching Lisbon

This is an opportunity to observe dolphins in the heart of Lisbon, on the Tagus River.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent and social animals, but unfortunately, they face constant threats due to pollution and uncontrolled fishing. Activities like this help raise awareness and contribute to the conservation of these gentle creatures.

The boat trip on the Tagus River offers a privileged view of the 25 April Bridge, a structure with a history dating back to 1966. As you sail along the river, you have the chance to admire other famous landmarks, such as the Discoveries Monument and the Belém Tower.

The real excitement begins when you leave the coast and head towards the ocean. The experience includes a tour guide and an experienced marine biologist who will explain the diversity of local marine life. Get ready to spot dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, seabirds, and even whales and sea turtles – all just a few kilometers from Lisbon.

This 3-hour dolphin watching experience in Lisbon will amaze everyone. The boat tour gives you the opportunity to see these marine animals in their natural habitat. Additionally, this experience is multilingual (Portuguese, English, French, Italian, and Spanish), providing yet another reason to enjoy your visit to the Portuguese capital.

This experience includes

  • Insurance and life jackets.
  • Taxes and fuel.
  • Certified tour guide and marine biologist.

In summary, this boat tour offers a genuine opportunity to explore nature and create lasting memories. Don’t miss the chance to watch dolphins on the Tagus River in Lisbon!

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