Half day in a mighty all-terrain buggy

Looking for adrenaline and breathtaking landscapes? Then this 3-hour off-road buggy adventure in the Algarve is for you!

It will be an exceptional driving experience through a paradise of authentic off-road trails in Algarve. Traverse challenging valleys and hills and splash through refreshing streams in a powerful all-terrain buggy.

Witness the natural beauty as you drive through diverse terrains. In addition, this experience offers a glimpse into local customs and traditions, allowing you to feel the true essence of the region.

In this thrilling 3-hour off-road trail experience, you will…

  • Drive through off-road trails designed to test your driving skills and ignite your sense of adventure and adrenaline.
  • Marvel at the exterior of Silves Castle, a historic landmark rich in history. (Entrance not included)
  • Observe the Funcho Dam, a vital structure contributing to the region’s water resources.
  • Taste the authentic Algarve orange, a striking aspect of the agricultural landscape.
  • Discover stunning viewpoints, offering 360-degree panoramic views of the diverse Algarve landscape.
  • Experience a delicious tasting of local products, providing a unique opportunity to sample the region’s culinary heritage.

The experience includes all necessary equipment, such as helmets, caps, raincoats, and dust masks. The experienced guides will lead the way, ensuring an informative journey. Personal accident and public liability insurance are also included in this experience for your peace of mind.

The Algarve offers more than just stunning beaches. This experience showcases the lovely interior of the region. Most important: Witness the harmonious coexistence of ancient traditions and modern life, making this one of the most captivating destinations in the Algarve.

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