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Fado on board. The traditional Portuguese musical genre, classified as UNESCO World Heritage, on a private and exclusive performance. Enjoy a live Fado show just for you!

This activity is one of our Unice Experiences Collection, that combines the pleasure of sailing with the best of Lisbon: the extraordinary climate, the relationship with the river and the ocean, the maritime history and the richness of the local culture, from music to gastronomy, on a journey of authentic glamour.

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum: 10 people

  • Private live fado performance aboard;
  • Selection of Portuguese tapas and wines;
  • Unique boat tour experience on the Tagus River;
  • Wonderful views of Lisbon aboard a modern catamaran.

This experience on the Tagus River combines the iconic Fado and an unique boat tour in Lisbon.

You will listen to Portugal’s most renowned Fado songs on a private and exclusive performance. Even for those who do not understand the lyrics, the emotions conveyed by the music are palpable. Embarking on a catamaran tour on Tagus River is breathtaking for anyone who wants to explore the portuguese capital.

A symbol of identity, Fado music is widely sung in Lisbon. It is typically performed by a solo male or female singer, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and the Portuguese guitarra, a pear-shaped twelve-stringed lute. It is performed professionally and informally in grass-root associations and often transmitted over successive generations within the same families.

Fado became one of Portugal’s greatest symbols through the voice of Amália Rodrigues, who played a crucial role in internationalizing and establishing it as an art form. Fado was formerly classified as a Unesco Imaterial Heritage in 2011. Since then, notable names in this genre have emerged, such as Camané, Mariza, Gisela João, and Raquel Tavares, among others.

  • Exclusive boat tour;
  • Live Fado performance (with Fado singer and musicians);
  • Tasting of high-quality Portuguese tapas and wines;
  • Luxury vehicle transfer service in the Greater Lisbon area.

Doca de Alcântara (Doca do Espanhol): Av. Brasília, 1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal

A member of the Crew will meet you at the acess Gate of “Doca de Alcântara” at the scheduled time (5 minutes before departure hour). There is an outdoor parking.

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