The Wonderful River & the Medieval City of Silves

Looking for a unique and sustainable experience in the Algarve? Then embark on an unforgettable journey along the Arade River to Silves!

Take advantage of your stay in the region and enjoy a boat trip along the Arade River to Silves. Sail on an eco-friendly, solar-powered boat, creating memories you’ll want to share for years to come!

Discover the Arade River

Originating from Malhão in the Serra do Caldeirão and flowing into the waters of Portimão, the Arade River, with its 75 kilometers of length, has been a vital access point for the city. Traversing the municipalities of Loulé, Silves, Lagoa, and Portimão, this river has historically been a crucial communication route, although recent silting has restricted navigation to Silves for only shallow-draft vessels.

In the Portimão region, the Arade River is crossed by four bridges, three for road traffic and one for rail. The richness of wildlife and vegetation along its banks is remarkable, especially in the marshlands that serve as nesting sites for various species. Along its course, two dams, Arade and Funcho, control the water flow, while at the river’s mouth, on the left bank, lies an important fishing port, and on the right, between Portimão and Praia da Rocha, a bustling cruise port.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Experience

Settle into comfortable, cushioned seats in the shade and enjoy the breathtaking views of the river and surrounding landscape. The tables on board allow you to bring your drinks and personal items.

During the journey, the captain becomes a storyteller, sharing interesting facts about the Arade River and its history.

Discovering Silves

Upon arrival in Silves, you will have about 1 hour and 30 minutes to explore this historic city. Visit monuments, explore the castle, and indulge in the cultural feast of the museum and the delicious local cuisine.

On the return to Portimão, while sipping a glass of wine, enjoy a “cinematic sequel” of the city and the mouth of the Arade River. A unique and unforgettable experience that will certainly stay in your memory for a long time.


  • Discover the first eco-friendly, solar-powered tourist boat navigating in the Algarve
  • Explore the beautiful Arade River and visit the medieval city of Silves
  • Learn about the history and interesting facts of the region
  • Be amazed by the nature and stunning landscapes
  • Enjoy a relaxing and noise-free navigation experience
  • Listen to nature and practice sustainable tourism
  • Multilingual crew: Team members speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Join us for an unforgettable, fun, and eco-friendly nautical getaway. Book now!

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