Unveiling the underwater wonders of Arrábida

The Arrábida Mountain Range, a natural park located south of Lisbon, offers more than just stunning landscapes. Beneath the surface lies an underwater world ready to be explored by the most curious divers.

Arrábida was recognized as a Natural Reserve in 1976 and later designated as the Arrábida Natural Park in 2007. This distinction aims to protect its fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine.

For much of the year, the waters in this region maintain mild temperatures. Consequently, these areas are home to an impressive variety of marine species, including fish, crustaceans, corals, and more.

Dive into the “Depths” of Arrábida

There are several accredited diving schools operating in the region, with experienced instructors ensuring safety.

Divers should undertake their activity in Arrábida responsibly and sustainably. The local diving schools commit to preserving the marine environment and guide their clients on best practices to minimize the impact of diving on nature.

Diving in Arrábida is more than just a leisure activity. It is a unique opportunity to closely observe what is not always visible to us.

This experience includes

  • Transportation from Lisbon
  • Local guide
  • Snorkeling session
  • Complete snorkeling equipment and wetsuits
  • Certified and experienced instructor
  • Sports insurance
  • Souvenir photos and videos (if selected)
  • Bottled water
  • Wine tasting (depending on the chosen experience)

Available options

Arrábida Snorkeling Adventure | 5h

Arrábida Snorkeling & Wine | 8h

Remember: Diving is an activity that requires responsibility and care. Always follow your instructors’ guidelines and practice diving safely and sustainably.

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