Walk and swim on a secret and deserted beach in Lisbon 

Tired of crowded beaches? This experience offers you a peaceful refuge to relax with your friends.

Get ready to discover a hidden paradise in the heart of the Tagus: a secret beach even to many Lisbon locals, accessible only by boat. 

As you leave the dock, you’ll sail through the Tagus estuary for about 20 minutes, where you can observe stunning natural landscapes and historical points of interest. Once you reach the final destination, an island awaits you. 

For two hours, you’ll have the freedom to explore the small island, swim in the calm and warm waters of the Tagus, and simply relax while sunbathing. 

Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this hidden mini-paradise, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Important information 

  • Bring sunscreen, a beach towel, and swimwear. 
  • The beach has no infrastructure (WC, bar, etc.), so bring water and something to eat if you wish. 
  • The experience is exclusive to groups of friends or families, with a minimum of 4 participants. 
  • The experience is subject to weather conditions. 
  • The price includes round-trip transportation to the island, the guided tour, and free time on the beach. 

Extra tips for this secret beach in Lisbon 

  • Take this opportunity to organize a picnic and savor delicious snacks while admiring the beach view. 
  • Bring a small portable speaker to create an atmosphere with background music. 
  • Capture the best moments of this experience with photos and videos to share with your friends. 

Book your spot in advance to secure your place in this secret beach in Lisbon. Click here!

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